The Yoshi Assassin
More killing~

"Alright, it will be done by the end of the day, Sir." Jak said as he stood from the chair that he had been sitting in. "And you said extra pay, didn’t you?" Jak needed the extra money right now. Bills and such. 

"Of course Jaky." Mr. Alloguster said with a smirk. Jak had know the fatty his entire life. Taught him how to kill too. Mr. Alloguster was a tubby Toad, mostly because he had the money to spend. He was also a business man and a damn good one at that. And a father to Jak since his parents where murder at his birth, Alloguster toke him in as a favor to his them, who had served him for years. Anyway, sometimes other companies get to popular and thats where Jak comes in. He was Mr. Alloguster’s personal assassin.

"Don’t call me Jaky, its Jak. You know that." Said the assassin as he smiled at the name.

"Alright than, Good hunting Jak." He said as he ushered the assassin out the door. "Remember, he always has that stupid hat on." And the door shut, leaving Jak out in the hallway of Alloguster’s mansion.

Toad Town was alive tonight, which didn’t help Jak at all. He needed his target alone and in a dark place…not like that. 

Then he saw him. A short mushroom walking around in a top hat with a gold pin shinning off the end. “Got you now.” Jak said as he moved silently down the sidewalk a couple of feet away from the target.

"Beep boo bop!" Sang the toad as he continued down the street, unknowingly that his death was soon.

They walked for another block or so, when the toad entered a store that sold, you guessed it, hats. Jak sighed with disbelief. “This guy is an idiot! Why would you shop for hats!?” Jaks mind raced as he waited for the toad to walk out. He knew that no one would recognize him, since he was wearing a suit, which was damn near impossible putting it on a yoshi!

The toad walked out of the store and Jak moved in for the kill. Getting close behind him and putting his hands on the targets throat. Hearing a slight crack and the limp body in front of him was good enough reason to get the hell out of there before the cops got here. So Jak ran to Alloguster’s house.


There has to be at least one person you want dead! Tell me!

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Oh, why hello there!

Hello. And your name is?

ask-aura reblogged your post: ask-aura reblogged your post: ask-aura started…

Hmm… anyway, I’m Aura. You?

I don’t have name, parents died and all that.

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female yoshies have

Have I meet? other than you none.

Nice to meet you too.

*Smiles* A delight, I’m sure. 

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Another Yoshi? How many of you are there?

Oh, my name's Ribbon. Ribbon Kraze Kiru. Who are you?

Well I don’t have a name. But it’s nice to meet you.


The Yoshi Assassin: Time for a little killing~


The assassin waited for the Parakoopa to pop out of the bushes. He wasn’t very sneaky, once he thought the coast was clear, he’d just stomp through the yard and pick whatever fruit he wanted from the other Yoshis garden.

The assassin moved silently toward his victim, who had no idea anyone was…

Damn right you cut his balls off.. that’s what I payed you for…

Well since that’s done with, want to go with me to the bar? I’ve needed a good drink.

Oh, nice to meet you, I guess?

And who might you be, beautiful?